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Get Involved

Community Resources

We have a regular community meeting that is open to all users and developers of every skill level.

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To receive an invite to the meeting, or you can manually add it via the calendar.

Community Meetings

All meetings are open to the public and recorded:

Getting Involved

  • GitHub - Project home page
  • Slack - Real time chat if you're looking for help or interested in contributing to Custodian!
    • Gitter - (Older real time chat, we're likely migrating away from this)
  • Mailing List - Our project mailing list, subscribe here for important project announcements, feel free to ask questions
  • Reddit - Our subreddit
  • StackOverflow - Q&A site for developers, we keep an eye on the cloudcustodian tag
  • YouTube Channel - We're working on adding tutorials and other useful information, as well as meeting videos

Governance as Code Day

We have an annual Governance as Code Day with recorded talks from the community:

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