Account - Detect Root LoginsΒΆ

The following example policy will automatically create a CloudWatch Event Rule triggered Lambda function in your account and region which will be triggered anytime the root user of the account logs in. Typically the root user of an AWS account should never need to login after the initial account setup and root user access should be very tightly controlled with hardware MFA and other controls as root has full control of everything in the account. Having this visibility to see if and when someone logs in as root is very important.


  - name: root-user-login-detected
    resource: account
    description: |
      Notifies Security and Cloud Admins teams on any AWS root user console logins
       type: cloudtrail
          - ConsoleLogin
       - type: event
         key: "detail.userIdentity.type"
         value_type: swap
         op: in
         value: Root
      - type: notify
        template: default.html
        priority_header: 1
        subject: "Root User Login Detected! - [custodian {{ account }} - {{ region }}]"
        violation_desc: "A User Has Logged Into the AWS Console With The Root User:"
        action_desc: |
            Please investigate and if needed revoke the root users session along
            with any other restrictive actions if it's an unapproved root login
          type: sqs
          region: us-east-1

Note that the notify action requires the cloud custodian mailer tool to be installed.