Generic Actions

This action can be applied to any GCP resource type.



Add notify message into Cloud Pub/Sub. To check below example please use created GCP project and configured Pub/Sub topic.

    - name: gcp-notify-first-example
      description: |
        Example of notify action
      resource: gcp.loadbalancer-address
        - type: notify
            - email@email
          format: json
            type: pubsub
            topic: projects/<name of a project>/topics/<name of a topic>

To run the example please make sure

  • the project is configured,

  • Pub/Sub topic is created and configured,

  • Cloud function for messages decoding is created.

Pub/Sub system is able to provide information about message in encoded format. One of the ways how to make the message readable is using a decoding cloud function.

If the messaging system is not configured please follow next steps:

  • create a project in GCP or use created one (name of the project use instead of <name of a project> in the policy),

  • open Pub/Sub page,

  • create a topic (name of the topic use instead of <name of a topic> in the policy),

  • open Cloud Function page

  • create a function with following params:

    • Name: name of the function,

    • Topic: <name of the topic>,

    • Memory allocated: 128 MB,

    • Runtime: Python 3.7,

    • Function to execute: print_decoded,


    import base64
    import zlib
    def print_decoded(event, context):
        decoded_compressed = base64.b64decode(event['data'])
        decompressed = zlib.decompress(decoded_compressed)

After the steps are executed please open Log Viewer. Select created function in the resource combobox. It should be available in Cloud Function -> name of the function section. If the above policy is run new decoded message will appear in logs.