S3 - Configure New Buckets Settings and StandardsΒΆ

The following example policy will automatically create a CloudWatch Event Rule triggered Lambda function in your account and region which will be triggered anytime a new S3 bucket is created in that region. The policy then applies several configurations such as enabling the default S3 AES256 bucket encryption, turns on object versioning, creates a s3 object lifecycle, enables logging on the bucket, and tags the user that created the bucket. When using the toggle-logging action as shown below you must make sure the s3 bucket the logs are getting sent to already exists. Buckets can only send logs to logging buckets in the same region as it so you may need to create multiple logging buckets per account if you use more than 1 region. In the below example the logging buckets would be named using account and region like the following: 0123456789012-us-east-1-s3-logs The S3 bucket lifecycle will help to save S3 costs by getting rid of old object versions and moving objects from standard storage class to infrequent access storage after 180 days in this example.


   - name: s3-configure-standards-real-time
     resource: s3
     description: |
       This policy is triggered when a new S3 bucket is created and it applies
       the AWS AES256 Default Bucket Encryption, Tags the creators ID, enables
       object versioning, configures the bucket lifecycle and enables logging.
       type: cloudtrail
         - CreateBucket
       role: arn:aws:iam::{account_id}:role/Cloud_Custodian_S3_Lambda_Role
       timeout: 200
       - type: auto-tag-user
         tag: CreatorName
       - type: set-bucket-encryption
       - type: toggle-versioning
         enabled: true
       - type: toggle-logging
         target_bucket: "{account_id}-{region}-s3-logs"
         target_prefix: "{source_bucket_name}/"
       - type: configure-lifecycle
          - ID: company-s3-lifecycle
            Status: Enabled
               Prefix: /
              - Days: 180
                StorageClass: STANDARD_IA
                NoncurrentDays: 35