AutoScaling Group - Verify ASGs have valid configurationsΒΆ

The following example policy will check all AutoScaling Groups in the current account and region for configuration issues which could prevent the ASG from functioning properly or launching an instance. Then the ASG resource owner and a cloud admins group get an email showing the affected ASG(s).

The following ASG items are checked when using the `` - invalid `` filter:
  • invalid subnets

  • invalid security groups

  • invalid key pair name

  • invalid launch config volume snapshots

  • invalid AMIs

  • invalid ELB health check

  - name: asg-invalid-configuration
    resource: asg
      - invalid
      - type: notify
        template: default.html
        priority_header: 1
        subject: "ASG-Invalid Config-[custodian {{ account }} - {{ region }}]"
        violation_desc: |
            "New ASG instances may fail to launch or scale! The following Autoscaling
            Groups have invalid AMIs, SGs, KeyPairs, Launch Configs, or Health Checks"
        action_desc: |
            "Actions Taken:  Notification Only. Please investigate and fix your ASGs
            configuration to prevent you from having any outages or issues"
           - resource-owner
           type: sqs
           region: us-east-1

Note that the notify action requires the cloud custodian mailer tool to be installed.