Firewall - Update CosmosDB RulesΒΆ

In this example we identify Cosmos DB accounts that either have no firewall configured or which have one configured which is allowing access outside of expected ranges.

We then reconfigure that firewall to known-safe defaults which include a bypass for all of the Azure Cloud as well as additional space in our data center.

Virtual network rules are not specified so they will not be modified.

 - name: cosmos-firewall-enable
   description: |
     Find all incorrect firewalls and enable
     with a set of defaults
   resource: azure.cosmosdb
     - or:
       - type: value
         key: properties.ipRangeFilter
         value: empty  # The firewall is disabled

       - not:
         - type: firewall-rules
           only:       # Should *only* allow access within the specified maximums here
             - ServiceTags.AzureCloud

     - type: set-firewall-rules
       append: False
       bypass-rules:   # Enable firewall and allow all Azure Cloud
         - AzureCloud
         - Portal
       ip-rules:       # and some external IP space