AWS X-Ray Support

Custodian supports tracing policy execution using AWS X-Ray <>

As a pre-requisite the aws_xray_sdk package must be installed.

pip install aws_xray_sdk

The package comes pre-installed on the custodian docker images.

The xray support can be enabled on the command line using:

custodian run -s out --trace xray custodian.yml

Note custodian does not require an X-Ray daemon running as it will stream traces directly sending to the X-Ray service. It will use the daemon if the AWS_XRAY_DAEMON_ADDRESS environment variable is set. Lambda policies should set tracing_config to enable use of the daemon.

By default custodian XRay integration will use the account’s xray sampling rules sampling can be turned off by setting a flag:

custodian run -s out --trace xray://?sampling=off custodian.yml

Note XRay integration is enabled for the entire process, it cannot be configured per policy.